Our Theme this summer is Pioneer Days!
Each week our gents and lasses will learn different themes about Pioneers while also taking a journey through the old west, with fun activities. Your summer camp staff will teach the gents and lasses about the homestead, how to make homemade butter, learn how to play pioneer games, sing folk songs, and see how the kids on the homestead lived and worked. We’ll even adventure to a couple of field trips to get a hands on experience of homesteading. The children will have a great time adventuring in our covered wagon, frolicking in the fields, hunting in the forest, and getting messy in the dirt. So come on a journey with us through the old west…
New for 2019!
-More on-site special guests.
-New food service vendor.
-Expanded activities for 3-5 year olds.
I look forward to seeing you this summer.
Lindsey Knox
Director of Childcare Ministries
Online registration for  2019 Summer Camp is now closed.
Please contact the school office (402-489-3024) to inquire about availability for this summer.
Daycare Phone:
Camp opens May 20
Hours: 7AM-6PM
Daily: $37
Full Time: $148 per week
Hot Lunch & Snacks Included!!
Part Time Rates also available
(less than 24 hrs/wk): $5.15 per hr


$75 Activity Fee covers whole summer
$10 Field Trip Shirt 
$20 Administrative Fee for students not enrolled at Messiah School.
Summer camp is available for children ages 3-13 years.