Help yourself


A gift card program where you can purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, gas, and other essentials.  With every purchase you earn credit towards your tuition. See attached information for more details.

Expect to be blessed

Now for the one that isn’t as easy to hear.  Choosing the gift of Christian education for your child may mean foregoing your family annual vacation, or the bigger house, or the nicer car, or dinners out.  God promises us that when we make Him our priority that He will provide for our needs.  Commit to Christian education and see what blessing God has already planned for you!

Ask for help

Needs-based assistance

Messiah takes pride in offering needs based tuition assistance for families that qualify.  Don’t assume that you won’t qualify.  Don’t let your pride prohibit your child from experiencing Christian education. It is easy and confidential to apply using our third party – FACTS.  Apply online through this link.

Automatic help


We define scholarships as tuition reductions that are not based on financial need.

Scholarships are available based on several qualifiers.  Some examples include belonging to a church who helps families fund their choice for Christian education or having more than one child attending Messiah.

Did you know? 

90% of all families who attend Messiah Lutheran School receive some form of tuition reduction?
SCRIP reduced family tuition expenses last year by over $13,000.
20% of Messiah families receive a reduced tuition based on need.
Messiah church member scholarships are not automatic. Contact Messiah to learn how you can qualify.