Joyful Giving

This week’s #transformed story comes from Mrs. Amy Schmidt, who serves as our 3rd Grade teacher.

Displaying IMG_3840 (1).jpegI wanted to give you an update on our 3rd Grade Angel Tree project. I was overwhelmed and grateful for the joy my students demonstrated in bringing donations and choosing tags from the Angel Tree. Our goal was for each child to donate $3, for a total of $75.

Several students brought in their own money, which exemplifies the heart with which this gift was given. Our dear classmate Gracie also gave her dad strict instructions to bring in money so she could be a part of the giving! We collected a total of $198 and were able to purchase and wrap so many gifts! Christmas is a time to celebrate God’s gift of His Son Jesus, making salvation possible for all of us. THANK YOU for partnering with me to help pass on this season of celebration to others in our community. God is so good!