Birthday Party Transformed

As many of our children do, a Messiah student recently had a birthday party. As has become common for many Messiah children, she chose to not receive gifts from her friends attending the party.
Rather, she simply asked that her friends bring cards and try to raise a little money for Grace Fry — a Messiah third grade student who is spending much of this school year at Children’s Hospital battling leukemia — a child that most of the birthday girl’s friends don’t even know. This simple idea transformed a common birthday celebration into something that this world would consider quite uncommon with an amazing 
result. This little group of girls and their families collected over $400 to share with a child’s family that most of them don’t even know, but who they know has a need. This was not your normal birthday party. It was a birthday party transformedWhat an wonderful experience for all involved. 
Praise God for working in our children’s hearts to see their world through His eyes. Do you have a story to tell about how your children are being transformed by God’s work in their life? I would love to share it with our Messiah family.